So, it’s Thanksgiving.

The Worthy/Perucca clan.

I’m thankful for my family. I’m grateful for my sister’s friendship and her love of wine and cheese and her residence in Chicago that helped lead me there for the best two and a half months of my life. I’m proud that I inherited even a shred of my mother’s strength and a fraction of Kirk’s compassion. I love that my grandmother requests a black napkin at a restaurant if she is wearing black, that my grandfather still “works” nine to five from their basement because he likes it, and that the two most well-traveled, well-read people I know are related to me and live within minutes of my house. I’m thankful my dad is still in my life.

I’m thankful for where I came from  — the people and the place. I love coming home to a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. It makes me remember how lucky I am…and it reminds me of the kind of life I want to build for myself that’s different, albeit no less beautiful.

I’m thankful for the two little lobes on either side of my head. They’ve enabled me to craft to a soundtrack to an incredible year of life in all its rollercoaster glory. And they make me a listener. That’s important to me — after all, didn’t your mother teach you to be the kind of friend you’d want to have?

I’ve never needed friends like I have in the last year. To my Kansas City friends, who after almost seven years make me feel like I’m still in high school in all the best ways; my Drake friends, especially my sorority, who have been there for me before I realized I wanted anyone there at all; Dan, who doesn’t really fit into any category but is “my person” and bears mentioning; and the friends I’ve met through social media who have been there for beer, whiffle ball, waffle fries, a garden apartment on a quiet one-way street in Chicago, a visitation, and everything in between:

I am thankful for you.

And now, the miscellany I am thankful for: my penchant for lattes, the place it led me to and the people I’ve met because of it; the ways Des Moines continues to exceed my expectations; my dog; having my heart in multiple places; being content with what “for now” can do for me and the fear I don’t feel for any large amount of uncertainty in my life.